A Creative Way to Rally
People around Your Cause.

No matter what you're fighting for, Socializer helps you efficiently promote it through social network. Increase awareness, raise money and go viral by adding your badge onto your supporters' profile images.

Let's see how it work

Set up a stunning badge for thousands of social media profiles.

Write a compelling title and description for your campaign to encourage people to support it. Then upload, preferably in high resolution, the badge you want your supporters to add to their profile picture.

Publish your badge and allow anyone to spread the word for you on Facebook, Twitter and more...

Build momentum for your cause by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp... Tap into your entire extended community for maximum effect!

Get useful metrics to measure performance and virality.

Measure how your campaign perform with our analytics system. Get an overview of how many people support your cause, and easily identify which social network rally more supporters.

Straight forward Packages. Fair Pricing



Pay per Campaign
+$9.99 every +100 users

  • 100 users
  • Embed to your website
  • Support
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Pay per Campaign
+$9.99 every +500 users

  • 8,000 users
  • Embed to your website
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Premium Support
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Want to reach more supporters?

Over 300,000 brands and individuals used badges to create buzz on social networks. We've created a slick tool that makes it easier to share and manage a great badge design.

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